Aspiring Author

Sharing the experiences, joys, and pains along the journey to becoming a published author (someday)

Journey Journal

The Journey Journal is my Blog site.

Its intent is to share my lessons learned and contribute to the writing community along my path to being published. Much like a wondrous, wandering path through the woods - these blog posts are all over the place. None the less, they are a record of my journey from (almost) the beginning. Enjoy.

About Me

My Background

Born in Greenville Michigan, but raised around the world my experiences have taught me there is no place better than small town America.

I've been in the Military most of my life, first as an Army brat, then joined the Army National Guard myself in 1993. I'm still serving today and a firm believer in the old movie quote "It's not the years, it's the mileage."


My Writing Roots

It was 1984, fourth grade, when I was given a list of 25 spelling words and told to write a two-page story using all the words. Seven pages later, I was hooked.  Now, it would be a great story to say my writing career started there, but it didn't. What I can say is that writing has been a constant in my life ever since that moment.

In November of 2013 I made the choice to transform my hobby into something more, which is when my journey to becoming published began.

My Style... yet to be defined.  I write fiction and poetry and still fall back on a journal from time to time.

The foundation of all that I write is the craft and my every constant goal is to improve my craft.